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I didn't find any general year-in-review memes that made my heart sing but I kind of want to talk about this year? It was exciting. Well, the first part of it was, anyway, and I didn't blog about it much because I'm pretty genuinely a terrible blogger. But I got to do so much more this year than I usually do, and that starts with being abroad from the middle of January to the end of April!

So yeah, I didn't talk terribly much about my study abroad in London but I absolutely loved it. The courses (and even the people) weren't the greatest ever, though I did enjoy my flatmates, but I could very happily live in London for the rest of my life and had to be pried away at the end of the trip because I didn't want to leave. I got to meet loads of lovely fandom people (but I'm not going to list them all because I'd forget someone and it would be awkward) and honestly I just adored being in London. Museums and bridges and markets and shops and amazing people and now I'm making myself really depressed from how much I miss it. This time last year I was sorting out my packing and god knows when I'll get to go back but I DESPERATELY want to. 

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And, just for fun, a fic-writing year in review meme!

Total number of fics: 23ish
Total wordcount: 143,376 or something? That includes an exchange fic that's being posted later today, as well as my polybigbang from last winter that was written mostly in 2011 but posted in 2012. I'm too lazy to parse everything out. The vast majority of this word count has been written since the end of June. And it doesn't include any WIPs.
Total number of fandoms: somewhere between 7 and 10, depending on how you count One Direction/X Factor RPF/Olympics RPF/Radio 1 RPF

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 ... this is a meme journal. Basically. I AM GOING TO DO A MEME BECAUSE I AM BORED.

So I want you to ask me something you think you should want to know about me. Something that should be obvious but you have no idea about, or something obscure you just have to know. Ask away. All topics are open for discussion.
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I'm too lazy to write and not quite motivated enough to study for my biology exam on Friday, so I'm kind of at loose ends. I ought to be either working on my [livejournal.com profile] polybigbang (which hit 8k on Saturday, a feat I celebrated by staying up until 3:30 AM writing Mark/Chris) or finishing a Generation Kill kittenfic I started a couple weeks ago. OR, I could start one of the two vague ideas I have for shortfics, one of which is Mark/Chris where Mark convinces Chris to stop smoking* and the other of which is an Amy POV Amy/Dustin thing.

* yeah, okay, it was actually [livejournal.com profile] hapakitsune's idea, but it's a cute one and I kind of want to play with it

Unrelated, but The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is seriously disturbing.

Anyway, the real point of this post is to do a meme, because I love memes. So, who wants to play fuck-mary-kill with me?

(You know, that's the one where you give me three people, fictional, real, some combination, and I pick one to marry, one to fuck, and one to kill.)


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