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I didn't find any general year-in-review memes that made my heart sing but I kind of want to talk about this year? It was exciting. Well, the first part of it was, anyway, and I didn't blog about it much because I'm pretty genuinely a terrible blogger. But I got to do so much more this year than I usually do, and that starts with being abroad from the middle of January to the end of April!

So yeah, I didn't talk terribly much about my study abroad in London but I absolutely loved it. The courses (and even the people) weren't the greatest ever, though I did enjoy my flatmates, but I could very happily live in London for the rest of my life and had to be pried away at the end of the trip because I didn't want to leave. I got to meet loads of lovely fandom people (but I'm not going to list them all because I'd forget someone and it would be awkward) and honestly I just adored being in London. Museums and bridges and markets and shops and amazing people and now I'm making myself really depressed from how much I miss it. This time last year I was sorting out my packing and god knows when I'll get to go back but I DESPERATELY want to. 

I didn't just go to London, though! I visited Oxford, Norwich, Leeds, Cambridge, and Cornwall over the course of the semester, and for my spring break I want to Paris for three days and then spent a week horseback riding in Spain. If you ever have a chance to spend a week riding horses and drinking red wine in Catalonia, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO IT, IT WAS AMAZING. Also PARIS. At the end of the semester, Mom came to visit and we went to Edinburgh and York, as well as me getting to show her all around London, which was great fun. Except for the time we lost each other and couldn't get in touch because she didn't have a cell phone. Edinburgh and York were lovely, though, and we went to the theatre in London (and stayed with friends of the family who had an AMAZINGLY nice apartment in Chelsea? I nearly died of jealousy.)

If you're interested in the approximately ten thousand pictures I took between January and May, the highlights are on facebook and, well, if we're not facebook friends but you care enough to look at my travel pictures I'll add you.

Everything else I did this year was significantly less interesting, but I did go to New York twice, which was lovely. I got to hang out with people there, and go to museums, and it was fantastic for all the obvious reasons. I also had an internship at a magazine in Charlotte, which was pretty okay, and worked as a waitress, which was ... an experience. It was good money and I didn't hate it, but I don't think it's anything I ever want to do again, if I can possibly help it. (Goal for next summer: paid internship.)

There have been plenty of less-than-great things, and a lot of confusing stuff in terms of RL friendships this year, but I don't really feel like getting into that all right now. On the whole, I've spent a lot more time being concerned about other people than I have worrying about myself, which is nice. Kind of? I mean, I wish I didn't have to worry about my friends but at least it means I haven't been terribly depressed or anything. There have been a couple of bad weeks but, overall, it's been a good year. I wish I were closer to fandom friends but, well, I'm a year and a half from the end of college. Things are pretty okay.

And, just for fun, a fic-writing year in review meme!

Total number of fics: 23ish
Total wordcount: 143,376 or something? That includes an exchange fic that's being posted later today, as well as my polybigbang from last winter that was written mostly in 2011 but posted in 2012. I'm too lazy to parse everything out. The vast majority of this word count has been written since the end of June. And it doesn't include any WIPs.
Total number of fandoms: somewhere between 7 and 10, depending on how you count One Direction/X Factor RPF/Olympics RPF/Radio 1 RPF

My favorite story of mine this year: hmm, I'm really fond of my not-yet-posted exchange fic, but I also really like if it's love, hold on tight

My best story: and make it seem effortless, probably. It's so short but I'm really proud of it? I love the writing style.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: definitely let the day surround you, which I really like, though I also understand why it's not very popular (small nonexistent fandom and a rarepair within that fandom)

Most fun story: synonyms include mediocre, I guess. It's just kind of cute and fluffy and bantery.

Most sexy story: Only Getting Better? Or maybe never look surprised, that one is hot.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: nothing that's posted, but [personal profile] formerlydf and I did get into a habit of chatficcing porn at each other. Like, vaguely self-insert porn. It's fun, I recommend it.

Story with single sexiest moment: umm probably need you for my dreams. I have a weakness for threesome porn and that one just has some moments I'm really proud of.

Story with single sweetest moment: it gets better! The whole story is basically a sweet moment imo. 

Most unintentionally *telling* story: oh god, probably go on as three. *facepalm* It was total self-indulgent id-fic and I'm not going to ponder what exactly it says about me that my id-fic turned into domestic schmoop at the end.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: and make it seem effortless, maybe. 

Hardest story to write: Float Lighter, I think. It was really difficult to make it happen, for some reason. And I'm still not totally happy with it (read: I think it sucks and am annoyed I put it on the internet; the things we do for love.)

Easiest story to write: go on as three, oh my god, it's 11k and I wrote the whole thing in like 5 days only there were two of those days where I barely wrote. So it was like, three days of marathon writing but they weren't consecutive.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: dumb boys falling in love and cuddling? Maggie tripped and now she writes RPF? LOTS AND LOTS OF RPF? Probably the dumb boys and cuddling thing. So I guess Take His Hand, You'll Be Surprised. Because cuddling and platonic kissing and nudity. It sums up One Direction fandom pretty well, I think.
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