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Hello! I hope you're pleased with whatever fandom we have in common and, well, if not, hopefully you'll be pleased to hear that I'm not outrageously picky. 

Generally speaking, I'm really easy for banter and flirting, character-driven stories, people being good at things, pining (with resolution!) and secret feelings, happy endings when they make sense, people being good friends to one another and found families. I adore genderfuck, especially where a cis male character is turned into a cis female one, because the dynamics of that are fascinating to me. I'm totally game for AUs, either of the canon-based variety or not. I'm always a fan of stories with romance in them, but if that doesn't work for you or you'd rather write gen, I love that too (especially found families stuff, see above). I genuinely have no het/slash/femmeslash preference if you decide to go the shippy route, and while I'll happily read smut, I don't feel that there's any obligation to put it in a story. Oh, and I'm totally game for poly fics, if that's what floats your boat. (And by "totally game for," I mean "really love.") 
The list of things I don't like is pretty straightforward. I'm not a fan of harcore kink, incest, mpreg, omega-verse, knotting, humiliation (as a kink or otherwise), eating disorders and self-harm, or infidelity (though if it's addressed well in the text and not rewarded, I can find it very interesting). Stories about people pretending to be someone's friend in order to prank them, or friendships falling apart or ending suddenly can be triggery for me, so I'd very much prefer to not read those. Additionally, I don't like seeing female characters get sidelined or erased, or AU fics that change the interpersonal relationships between the characters so much that they feel like different people than they were in canon.

 Fast Girls (2012) (Shania Andrews)
Oh man, this movie. I loved it so much, and I loved everyone in it, and basically I have a lot of I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR (AND I WANT THEM TO MAKE OUT) feelings. Obviously I only requested Shania, and I'd love a story about her and her struggles or character study or anything, but honestly feel free to add in any other characters. Or just write about Lisa or Carl or Tommy, if that's what you really want to do. I'd be game for pretty much any pairing, romantically, or found families gen where everyone is bros and they get along famously. (Special shippy love for Shania/Lisa, Shania/Carl, Shania/Tommy, Lisa/Tommy, Shania/Lisa/Carl, Shania/Lisa/Tommy, though.) This would be a great fandom for AUs, because it's a lot of awesome people who are awesome together. Reality show AU, idek, like, can I suggest a Great British Bake Off AU? Is that too specific? Or any competitive show, really. Or any clichéd one, like a bakery AU or a college AU or what about one where they're all superheroes? (Not a huge fan of high school AUs but I'd read one here.) My favorite thing about the movie was how everyone bonded and then I had loads of team feelings and everyone loved each other and people overcoming their differences to work together and make out. Oh god I had delusions of making a coherent request here but apparently I have just vomited feelings instead. SORRY, LOVELY AUTHOR. I HOPE SOME OF THIS MADE SENSE.
Video Blogging and YouTube RPF (Hank Green, Katherine Green, Michael Aranda)
This is the one where I have loads and loads of overwhelming polyamory feelings (hey, I mentioned above that I like polyamory). Somehow, I have ended up shipping Hank/Katherine/Michael because I have problems in my life or something, but anyway, I would love fic of them living together and being awesome and adorable and ... stuff. Or fic of them all being friends who stay up until 1 AM building a lego Millenium Falcon. I can't say I have any burning AU desires for this fandom but anything would be fine. Or something based around Super Mario Bros? That's weirdly specific, but whatever. I guess the only other thing to say is that Hank and Katherine are OTP and I don't want to read either of them paired with someone else (and preferably with each other). 
X Factor RPF (any)
I don't actually expect to get this one, and am still kind of laughing at myself for requesting it because ... yeah. But my cruel friends dragged me in and gave me feelings so. I would happily read just about anything about any one of the three characters who were nominated, because they're all awesome. Matt and Aiden are kind of OTP to me so I'm not sure I want to see them shipped with other people, but gen about anyone badassing/failing/awkwarding around would totally thrill me. As with my other requested fandoms, I'd love to see AUs but gen/canon/character study is wonderful as well. Character study of Caroline would be fantastic because there's so little about her and she is endlessly fascinating to me. I don't have loads of specific suggestions here but, you know, anything goes. I love the people, I have feelings about them, I'd love to get to read fic about them having feelings in any setting.
If you have any questions for me or want to snoop around, my tumblr is hopetorun (with anon asks turned on!), and my unlocked fandom twitter is @sketchingbirds
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