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As a general disclaimer, I'm not making any profit from this, characters belong to their creators, people belong to themselves, if someone here has the same name as a real person, please don't show my work to that person, etc etc. If you have any questions about my fics or so forth, please feel free to ask them here.

Additionally, have some blanket permission to podfic or create art for anything I've posted. Just let me know if you do; I'd love to see it/hear it, and add a link in the original post. (As for other secondary fanworks, please ask. I promise that I don't bite!)

One Direction (RPF)

the burning rhythm in our hearts
Harry/Liam + Louis/Nick + Aiden/Matt + Niall + Zayn, PG-13, 22,601 words
Harry Styles, frontman of an indie rock band, had definitely not spared a thought for popstar Liam Payne since they were briefly on the X Factor together except perhaps for a bit of scorn. Definitely absolutely not. Not until the moment his band played right before Liam at a festival, anyway.

change your fingers touch
Harry/Liam, R, 4,935 words
(high school AU) Liam knew better than to listen when Louis suggested a fling as a way to get over a breakup. He really, really did. Spoilers: he did it anyway.

go on as three
girl!Harry/Liam/Louis + Harry/Louis, NC-17, 11,105 words
Sometimes strangers are exactly the people you needed to find. (In which Liam is a bartender, Harry is a girl, Louis is there as well, and they fall in love over the course of a hookup.)

we are shining stars
Harry/Liam/Louis, NC-17, 7,052 words
It doesn't occur to Liam exactly how important it is to talk about things in a complicated relationship, at least not before he messes things up by accident (but not by himself). Sequel to go on as three.

hold down, look up
Harry/Liam/Louis, NC-17, 3,038 words
Harry, predictably enough, is something of a brat about being taller than Liam. Basically an excuse for (threesome) porn. For [community profile] pod_together, with podfic by (and help from) [personal profile] jenepod.

if it's love, hold on tight
Liam/Louis + very background Harry/Nick, NC-17, 24,325 words
Relationships are complicated, especially if the other person is carefully avoiding talking about it in any serious way; or, the one where Louis is afraid of commitment and makes a right mess of things because of it. For cottoncandy_bingo on DW.

it gets better
Liam + Harry + Louis + Niall + Zayn, G, 1,909 words
Liam needs a cuddle, even if he doesn't realize it. For cottoncandy_bingo on DW.

mean so much to me
Harry/Liam/Louis/Niall/Zayn, PG-13, 1,552 words
All the girls switch clothes for the last night of the tour and Liam ends up in one of Harry's miniskirts and everyone is VERY impressed. (Also feelings.)

More Than You Get
Harry/Liam, NC-17, 1,654 words
Harry and Liam have sex against a wall.

need you for my dreams
Liam/girl!Harry/Zayn, NC-17, 1,745 words
Harry didn't mean for the threesome with Zayn and Liam to be a recurring thing but apparently it's become one. Since they're doing it again and all. (Always-a-girl!Harry.)

Never Be The Lonely One with [personal profile] formerlydf
Harry/Liam/Louis/Niall/Zayn/Tom Daley, NC-17, 8,104 words
In which Liam has been recruited by Team Great Britain to run at the Olympics, but none of that is quite as important as how much his bandmates miss him. Or the fact that he's having sex with Tom Daley.

never look surprised
Harry/Liam, NC-17, 10,377 words
Harry's going to be a good friend now Liam's got a broken wrist and can't get himself off. Really. That's all he's doing. For cottoncandy_bingo on DW.

Only Getting Better
Liam/Louis, NC-17, 3,273 words
Liam and Louis mix it up a bit — you know, in bed.

synonyms include mediocre
Harry/Nick, PG, 1,888 words
Average: the result obtained by adding several quantities together and then dividing this total by the number of quantities; or: Nick can't stop laughing that Harry has an average face and Harry is (trying to be) unamused. For cottoncandy_bingo on DW.

Take His Hand, You'll Be Surprised
Harry + Liam + Louis + Niall + Zayn, PG-13, 2,894 words
The first time they played truth or dare, things didn't go exactly as Liam had anticipated, but that probably wasn't such a bad thing. Once he got past the bit where he jumped in a pool naked with four boys he barely knew.

X Factor RPF

danger (if you get too close)
Aiden/Matt, PG, 1,187 words
Emotions are running a bit high ... and then there's kissing. No, really, that's it. For cottoncandy_bingo on DW.


and make it seem effortless
Bruce/Pepper/Tony, R, 1,810 words
It's a surprisingly comfortable relationship that develops between them

Far From Talk
Clint/Natasha/Steve, NC-17, 2,062 words
After a mission, they unwind a bit.

The Social Network

Body Language
Chris/Mark, PG, 1,725 words
Chris gives Mark lessons in empathy.

close up kind of ache
Chris/Mark, PG-13, 1,860 words
Mark goes to visit Chris in New York.

the derivative of a constant is zero (podfic by [personal profile] leish )
Eduardo, PG, 152 words
Eduardo tries to make sense of Mark's betrayal using math - because Mark stabbing him in the back changes the equation from E + M = ∞ to something he can't figure out. Or, Eduardo angsts through calculus. 

i practiced falling off buildings and out windows
Dustin/Chris/Mark/Eduardo, NC-17, 27,864 words
No one ever prepared Dustin for the idea that he might fall in love with all his best friends. At the same time. For [community profile] polybigbang.

Our Most Brilliant Friends (Are Doubting Themselves)
Mark/Eduardo + Chris/Dustin (+ some OT4), NC-17, 18,541 words
After the depositions, the OT4 find themselves in the somewhat problematic situation of saying everything they think. Shenanigans ensue.

pour raconter les follies
Chris + Mark, PG, 999 words
Mark makes fun of people, in French. (Hover footnotes for the translations.)

Positive Reinforcement
Chris/Mark, NC-17, 2,906 words
Mark's trying to get Chris to quit smoking.

Purr, Purr, Purr
Chris + Dustin + Mark + Eduardo, PG, 1,560 words
Dustin turns into a kitten. A piece of silliness for [personal profile] opheliahyde's birthday.

Erica + Amy + Sean, PG-13, 830 words
Erica, Sean, Amy, and Mark all end up at the same bar.

still your song
Mark/Eduardo + Chris + Dustin, PG-13, 14,309 words
Sometimes Eduardo thinks about his life, because that's the only way to make sense of it all.

till he's next to you
Mark/Eduardo + Chris + Dustin, PG-13, 2,955 words
Mark edits Eduardo's Wikipedia page sometimes, just to make sure it doesn't have anything that Wardo wouldn't want on the internet.

they were cheering you on
Chris/Dustin + Mark/Eduardo, NC-17, 2,123 words
Sometimes, the things that go bump in the night are less bumping and more banging.

these stories all exist in the same universe:

in other words
Chris/Dustin, NCN-17, 4,000 words
Five times Chris doesn't take Dustin seriously, and one time he does.

off my feet
Chris/Dustin, NC-17, 3,152 words
Dustin just thinks having sex on a trampoline would be awesome, okay?

somewhere in the crowd there's you
Chris/Dustin, PG-13, 6,807
As it turns out, even the most stable relationship is hard when you're two time zones and a five hour flight away from your boyfriend; or, Chris goes to work for the Obama campaign.

the idea of growing old
Chris/Dustin, PG, 2,100 words
Chris thought kids would be something that happened to other people, but maybe he'd come to that conclusion a little hastily.

The Social Network/Generation Kill

Float Lighter
Chris Hughes/Nate Fick, PG-13, 3,709 words
In which Nate becomes a professor at Harvard and meets graduatestudent!Chris.

Gallagher Girls

let the day surround you
Rachel/Joe, R, 4,403 words
Falling for Joe is probably the only thing that could have made Rachel's life more complicated.

Generation Kill

if you're wondering
Nate/Brad, PG-13, 3,364 words
Brad discovers a kitten in Nate's window.

neither end nor start
Nate/Brad, PG-13, 3,940 words
the war is over and we are beginning // it starts with teasing, but, as their conversations are wont to do, turns into something else entirely


Flash a Hungry Smile
Nolan/Tyler, NC-17, 3,305 words
Spoilers through 1.10; An alternate version of the scene where Tyler confronts Nolan about the sex tape, by which I mean "a version in which they bone."

hold your breath and count to ten ([community profile] yuletide 2012)
Emily + Nolan + Aiden, PG-13, 2,284 words
put your hand in my hand and we'll stand // Nolan was a liability and Aiden was not, but, of course, everything was infinitely more complicated than that.

i don't need to satisfy (tonight) ([community profile] yuletide 2011)
Nolan/Tyler, R, 2,127 words
Nolan's not sure what the rules of this (sex) game are, but that's not going to stop him from trying to beat Tyler at it.

you won't let go ([community profile] yuletide 2011)
Nolan + Emily, PG, 664 words
Nolan doesn’t even think about her as Amanda anymore. He used to, when she first showed up in the Hamptons, barely recognizable but still Amanda (at least in his head.)

Harry Potter

Mischief Managed
Fred + George + Remus + Sirius, PG, 1,631 words
Fred and George discover something about their former teacher and their host for the summer.

The Vampire Diaries

Four Letter Words
Caroline + others, PG-13, 2,199 words
Caroline hasn't always had the greatest relationship with love.


falling houses
Stefan + Damon, PG, 254
A house divided against itself cannot stand.

find love, it's the only thing
Stefan/Elena, PG-13, 738 words
If my heart was a compass, you'd be north.

floating in me
Stefan/Katherine + Stefan/Elena, PG-13, 500 words
I think I might've inhaled you, I can feel you behind my eyes.

when no one else was looking
Caroline + Stefan, PG-13, 616 words
You found me.

Star Wars

Above the Line of Fire
Tycho + Wedge + Luke + Wes + Hobbie, PG-13, 3,206 words
The story of how Tycho Celchu became a member of the original Rogue Squadron.

In Which Wes and Hobbie Walk Into a Bar (with [personal profile] lanewinree)
Wes + Hobbie + others, PG-13, 5,352 words
A choose-your-own adventure fic that does exactly what the title says.

perspective ([community profile] yuletide 2011)
Rhysati/Nawara, PG, 1,250 words
Neither Nawara nor Rhysati ever expected to end up where they are now, but divergences from the plan aren't necessarily bad.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy + Willow + Xander, PG, 655 words
Immediately post-Chosen. The stillness of grief.

Gilmore Girls

Rory + Jess, PG, 1,287
Much as she dislikes unpredictability, Rory sometimes has days that just don't go as planned. Sometimes they even involve bookstores and painfully awkward chance encounters.

i'm dreaming of a
Rory + Jess, PG, 524 words
She sees him on the streets of Paris (commentfic)

Total word count to date: 246,462


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